The different kinds of wood

As a woodworker, you need to know the type of wood and the exact purpose. For example, when doing the ceiling boards, you need to use softwood to reduce the house load.

Furniture, on the other hand, requires hardwood. You have to move a step further for the unique creative wooden designs and use engineered wood. All this information you find in the course of your duty.

As much as people go for short courses to get woodwork skills; most of the expertises you tend to get while on the job. That is the primary purpose of this blog.

We demystify the myths and provide you with the practical information you will use without supervision.

Wood is a renewable source of energy. Furthermore, it’s readily available as much as environmentalists put a caution on its use.

Another advantage is that it’s safe and easy to deal with since it’s not corrosive.

Wood is light in weight; the fact that also its thermal conductivity helps in insulation is also a perfect feature that woodworkers appreciate when using it.

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